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Bring on the brights…

Brights spread in February's Marie Claire

Brights spread in February's Marie Claire

Yes, yes, yes, thank you D&G for stating the blindingly obvious! Florals for spring? Sigh. Even Meryl Streep’s magazine editor character (Miranda Priestly) in The Devil Wears Prada said: ‘Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.’ And I’m inclined to agree.

Although some of the brights and colour blocking  that are going to be massive this spring/summer are a bit eye-watering, at least they’re interesting. Technically, I think colour blocking should include a couple of clashing colours worn at the same time (red and green? yellow and purple?) but it’s probably better for us mere mortals to choose just one bright colour and keep the rest simple.

Some glorious examples from the runway include Dior’s South Pacific-inspired collection, with beautiful peacock blues and hot pinks and Gucci’s slick jewel colours.

Jewel colours - Gucci Spring/Summer 2011

Jewel colours - Gucci Spring/Summer 2011

My outfit for this month is definitely one of a kind! It started life as a vintage 1970s floor-length cocktail dress with long sleeves. I bought it in Sao Paulo from a brechó (vintage shop) housed in a disused church and decided it was ripe for a bit of upcycling. I removed the sleeves and cut off the bottom in quite a haphazard way, as I wanted to wear it onstage for a gig with my band (therefore it needed to be a bit punk/messy). As a result I wouldn’t want to show you the back of the dress as it has been hacked up, pinned back together and generally customised to within an inch of its life!

I love the colour – green is such an under-used colour and more blondes should definitely give it a go. I’ve kept the rest of it fairly simple, with black tights and kitten heels (ankle boots would also be great, but mine are currently at the shoe doctor) my bashed up leather jacket (Pop Boutique), plaited belt (Urban Outfitters) and gold chain necklace. I toyed with the idea of red wedges but decided in the end it wasn’t for me. Bright red lipstick is totally me though, so I say add some extra colour that way if you don’t feel too brave.

Lighten up a grey day with a bright dress

Lighten up a grey day with a bright dress


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  1. I partially agree with you that some should stick to one bold color, but it can work for the right person.


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